Celebrated writer attracting new following

Nov 14, 2012

Margaret Atwood delves into realm of zombies, vampires

By: Vicki Gilhula

Margaret Atwood is one of the most well-known writers in Canada.

She has an international reputation that has increased her caché at home. She has written 13 novels as well as children's books, short stories, non fiction and poetry. Her work as been translated into many languages.

The author of early feminist books such as The Edible Woman, and Life Before Man, is now attracting a younger audience interested in zombies and vampires. She and British writer Naomi Alderman are collaborating on a series on zombies on Wattpad, a downloadable application for a smart device.

Atwood was in Sudbury Nov. 13 to celebrate her birthday with her many fans, something she has been doing for several years. Proceeds from the Margaret Atwood Birthday Dinner will go to a scholarship fund and the building fund for Laurentian University’s Indigenous Sharing and Learning Centre.

As usual, the birthday dinner at Science North's Cavern was sold out. One of the highlights of the evening performance came from Debajehmujig Storytellers of Wikwemikong's production of My Cousin's Cousin's Cousin, Margaret Atwood.

Vicki Gilhula talked to Atwood prior to the celebration about writing, social media and zombies.

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