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The following is a collection of opinion pieces from our community. If you would like to submit an opinion piece or column, please send it in to [email protected]

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Mayor touts teamwork for tax freeze
March 11, 2015

I am extremely proud of our team. On March 5, 2015 Council and City of Greater Sudbury staff worked together to hold our taxes for 2015. It took a great...

Snoring isn't just annoying, it can be dangerous
March 11, 2015

Does your partner have obstructive sleep apnea (OSA)? Does he or she have to sleep in another room because of noisy snoring? A snorer is often unaware that this is...

Column: I'm learning about the F-word, come along
February 12, 2015

Editor's note: In this new series of columns, Judi Straughan explores the trials, tribulations of triumphs of being newly retired. The F-word can mean different things at different stages of...

Column: A New Year's resolution for the whole city?
February 06, 2015

What if your New Year’s resolutions were not only about improvements for you, but for your community? Luckily, the two go together. Here are just a few examples:Getting aroundAre you...

Jack Layton's son backs Shawbonquit in Sudbury race
February 03, 2015

 After spending the weekend with Suzanne Shawbonquit and knocking on doors for the NDP campaign, I can tell you my dad would have been very proud to come up here...

Olivier: Sudburians should choose for Sudbury
February 03, 2015

 If Sudburians crave positive change in this by-election, they won’t get it by voting for a candidate of any political party, independent candidate Andrew Olivier said in a news release...

Column: Sudbury deserves better
February 03, 2015

Throughout this campaign, I’ve met with thousands of people. One of the first questions that I am consistently asked is, “Suzanne, why did you decide to run?”The truth is, it’s...

Column: I'm in it to win it, Green's Robinson says
January 30, 2015

There are two question here: Why do I run and why do I run to win.I am running because my family and I, like many million other Canadians, think cutting...

Column: Never too late to quit smoking
January 29, 2015

This year, National Non-Smoking Week ran from Jan. 19 to Jan. 25. This is an important event for our community because the incidence of smoking in Northern Ontario is higher...

Column: Vision for city being built from the ground up
January 20, 2015

During the recent election campaign, I said many times that in order to meet the challenges facing this city, we must grow.We must attract new residents, immigrants and skilled labourers...

Column: Why I did what I did
January 19, 2015

For the last six years, as your federal MP, I fought for the things that matter most to Sudburians.I understand the unique issues that we face, including the need for...

Column: Yes Virginia, people are good
December 24, 2014

Each year, newspapers across North America reprint the Virginia letter at Christmas time. It survives because it taps into a larger truth, that Santa Claus and his spirit of goodness...

Column: Nöel in Nancy, France
December 24, 2014

The Rotary Club arranged for us to have several mini tours in Verdun which included visiting an old war cemetery and visiting a place where they make dragée.In Canada, dragée could...

Column: Celebrating small acts of kindness
December 16, 2014

The Rotary Club of Sudbury Sunrisers’ Vive Le Vine event, held Nov. 15, was outstanding.The Caruso Club did an outstanding job with the food and service, a big shout out...

Column: It's OK to cry at Christmas
December 10, 2014

The recently widowed woman holds back tears as the shopping mall’s PA system plays her deceased husband’s favourite Christmas carol. The bereaved parent turns on the television to be confronted...

Column: What does it mean to give?
December 04, 2014

I have been asked why I give to United Way. My response to my fellow entrepreneurs, family and friends is that the city we live in is similar to a...

Column: Yes, you can have a green reno
December 04, 2014

Old flooring, furniture and fittings — home or office renovations create waste.On the other hand, renovating also creates an opportunity to install the latest and greenest products.ReThink Green recently converted...

Exchange student making most of time in France
November 06, 2014

On Aug. 26 I walked away from everything that was familiar to me and from the people and pets I love the most to go Nancy, France.This is a place...

Column: Vive Le Vin and toast the community
November 03, 2014

Since we last communicated, the Sunrisers have been extremely busy preparing for our fall and winter projects, not the least of which is our major fundraiser, Vive Le Vin.The event...

Column: Can we talk? …About health literacy
October 29, 2014

As primary care providers, we often are focused on diagnosis and treatment, sometimes forgetting one of the most important parts … the patient.Sure we understand their treatment plan, but do...

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