What you think is what you become - Karen Hourtovenko

By: Karen Hourtovenko

 | Nov 05, 2012 - 2:54 PM |
Let me tell you a secret. What you think is what you become. That is amazing to me and an eye opener when I learned this. We have the ability to make changes in our lives.

You might say there is no way I can change who I am or where I am going. Well let me tell you, we have been told who we are from the time we have been born and do not even know it.

Many of us go through life unconsciously, not really being who we should be. Our self image is who we think we are. Who we think we are is who we become.

If we think we are poor, we will be poor. If we think we are stupid, then we will find everything in our power to believe that we are not smart. For those who are unfit or overweight, those people believe in their souls that they are.

For those who see other people’s success as a measure of luck, let me tell you, luck or being in the right family or in the right relationship or living in the right city has nothing to do with what you don’t have, it has to do with what you believe.

Studies in sports psychology has shown that brain pathways of those actually playing the sport vs. those who are imaging the sport equal if not greater for those who are imagining being successful in the chosen sport.

What we believe about ourselves or our self image is the same. We have the power to recreate what we don’t like by seeing ourselves the way we want. Now this is not pie in the sky, it is based on science.

What we think about most of the time we create. I can tell you there are many successful people that have come from nothing and made it to the top. No they were not lucky, they worked hard, but more importantly they believed in what they wanted.

Ask yourself, what are your beliefs about you? What are the words you tell yourself every day? Much of what we believe has been told to us long before were were able to reject or except the comment.

Even today, bullies tell others of their self worthlessness and the victim will take it on as their own. Words that support our self concept make us feel great; words that hurt us are lies.

Stop believing the lies and change what you are thinking. Today, sit down and write out exactly what your life would be like today if you had a magic lamp with three wishes.

Make it as wonderful as you can imagine. Write it out daily for the next 90 days and think about positively how you will feel. When you place positive emotions with positive thoughts you create in your brain pathways that support you getting to what you what.

The same holds true for negative thoughts and negative emotions — you create that reality too. Take time and really think about what you want.

If your life is not where you want it to be, stop blaming others and start seeing yourself where you want to be, then start taking actions to achieve it.

Life is what you put into it; don’t let someone else decide who you are. See yourself happy and healthy, financially stable and with great relationships.

You will be surprised what opportunities come your way when you are in the right frame of mind.

Karen Hourtovenko RN(EC) is a health and wellness consultant from Sudbury. 

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