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‘Councillors, keep up the good work’ - Herve Sauve

By: Letter to the Editor

 | Mar 11, 2013 - 2:17 PM |
Re: Article “Marin drama continues with firing,” which appeared in the Feb. 28 edition of Northern Life.

As a former crown attorney and defence lawyer for more than 40 years, I have made many decisions, not always to everyone’s liking. I often found there can be two or three sides to every story.

However, one does one’s best under sometimes difficult circumstances, but always with the aim of “justice” in mind.

I conclude as follows: the ombudsman (or other body with overseeing powers) is necessary in the province to investigate possible abuses by public servants and to protect citizens. Mr. Marin is an intelligent and knowledgeable lawyer and former assistant crown attorney.

Mr. Marin decided that the councillors had done nothing wrong. His decision carries a lot of weight. The matter should have ended there.
But, Mr. Marin labelled some councillors as uncooperative because they wanted to have a lawyer present for interviews.

In fact it was their right to do so. These inappropriate public comments by Mr. Marin upset some councillors, who then argued with him.

Debating with Mr. Marin in public is a losing battle, as he is an expert debater. The media unfortunately focused on the battle instead of on the decision.

As someone in a powerful position, Mr. Marin needs to be compassionate and understand that he is dealing with people — good people elected by our community. Diplomacy is key. Public criticism and ridicule are unnecessary.

Because Mr. Marin had a pompous and arrogant attitude, I can see the majority of councillors not wishing to continue working with him.

It would be difficult to continue such a toxic working relationship. Mr. Marin is not the only person able to provide the necessary service.

Knowing most of the councillors, I am of the opinion that they are honest, hardworking and upfront. All are trying to do the best for their wards and our community.

I believe that they deserve our respect and encouragement. Anyone disagreeing with their decisions can vote for someone else the next election or put their own name on the ballot.

I am a taxpayer in Sudbury, however the taxpayers’ association does not represent me. I dislike the association’s rude and bullying tactics.

Citizens have the right to freedom of speech but there is a law against hate mail, including email, hate letters and hate speech. Councillors, keep up the good work.

Herve Sauve
Greater Sudbury 

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