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Snow makes accessing some bus stops dangerous

By: Letter to the Editor

 | Jan 13, 2014 - 1:15 PM |
Two years ago, my daughter relocated from downtown Sudbury to the Minnow Lake area, not realizing at the time the risk taking the bus in that specific location during the winter months would encompass.

She resides on McKinnon Street, connecting to Bancroft Drive, which is a major artery during the daytime busy hours. This connection is just around a bend, leaving you blind to unforeseen or unexpected oncoming traffic.

Crossing the road at this intersection is dangerous at all times, making it even more so during harsh winter months. Last winter, we received large amounts of snow, and on most days, the walkway on the side of the bus shelter was not plowed.

In heavy snowfalls and blizzards, she has to walk with her back to traffic on the icy snow-covered street outside the bicycle lane, as this lane is, at times, knee-deep in snow.

With the roads being so icy and visibility minimal for both pedestrians and drivers at times, it leaves her feeling vulnerable and uneasy with increasing fears of falling and not being spotted by drivers.

I contacted the city and was informed that the opposite side of Bancroft was being plowed, and she should cross over and then cross back to the bus shelter.

This area does not provide any pedestrian intersection or walk lights nearby. You cross at your own risk. I was basically informed that she had to jaywalk into heavy winter traffic to access the provided bus shelter.

Last year I spoke with Ward 11 Coun. Terry Kett about this situation. I was told to wait until the fall budget of 2013, which I patiently did. Now, after numerous phone calls, I’m being informed that nothing can be done about the matter.

I then spoke with city manager of operations Randy Halverson about having the snow removed on that corner in order to safely access the bus shelter and was told this could not be done because of budget costs.

I then spoke with manager of Greater Sudbury Transit Roger Sauvé about perhaps moving the bus shelter to the corner of the connecting streets. My suggestion was blatantly refused and I was told this was a city issue, not a transit issue.

In my last contact with Terry Kett, he informed that the sidewalks and walkways should both be plowed regularly, and that because of the amount of traffic on Bancroft exceeding the limit in this residential area, it is deemed an arterial road. He suggested the walkway could be made into an actual sidewalk. This needs to be pushed forward.

Citizens in the Sudbury area that are completely reliant on the transit system are still put in a risky situation. This is a major safety issue that the city seems to want to ignore as though we have no voice.

The bureaucratic red tape that many of us have to deal with continues to win.

Meanwhile, winter travel involving transit issues is very risky, unsafe, and a compromised environment for many of the people in this particular neighbourhood.
As taxpayers, are we not all allowed due process for safety? While I wait, I fear for my daughter’s safety.

Fleurette Aubin
Greater Sudbury

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